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i-cubed EtherLan500 Ethernet card

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I3 Etherlan 500 top 

 i3 EtherLan500 (top)

 I3 Etherlan 500 back

 i3 EtherLan500 (back)

I3 Etherlan 500 bottom 

 i3 EtherLan500 (bottom)

 The i3 EtherLan500 is an Ethernet network podule for the A5000 and Archimedes. I-cubed produced 3 versions of the card; The E500 which only supports 10Base2, the E501 which only supports 10baseT and the E502 combo card which supports both 10base2 and 10baseT. This card is an E502 and supports both 10base2 (BNC) and 10baseT (RJ45). It auto-senses which is active when it is initialised. The EtherLan500 uses the EtherH driver which is in the cards ROM.

 The Installation Instructions, User Guide and Fault Finding Guide are HERE .

 I3 produced a utility program to scan the podule slots for EtherLan cards and report on their status. The i3 cardtype program is available HERE .