Acorn A500 second processor

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Acorn A500 Second processor

Acorn A500 second processor (top)

Acorn A500 second processor bottom

Acorn A500 second processor (bottom)

Here is a HiRes picture of the A500 second processor circuit board

I think that the A500 second processor must date from the period when Acorn were developing the Archimedes range. By connect a second processor to the Tube, Acorn could use the BBC Micro as the I/O processor and not have to worry about I/O devices on the A500.

This board has been stripped of most of it chips. The board shows the following:

These are somewhat speculative due to lack of any documentation and the rarety of the board which means I have not been able to check it elsewhere. Any further information or corrections would be appreciated.

Here is the A500 2nd processor circuit diagram.