Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor

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The PC ARM Co-Processor is an ISA board designed to fit in a PC of the times with ISA card stlot. I think this is a predecessor to the Springboad ( see APP125 Springboard  brochure and the PCW article Springboard) . However it clearly isn't a Springboard, I will never get to test it because it is missing ita ROMs (and I don.t have a suitably old PC to have an ISA slot). Here are some pictures

Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor Front

Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor (Front)

Here  is a HiRes picture ofthe Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor..

Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor Back

Acorn ARM Co-Proceeor (Back)

 The Gold IC (IC1) in the center of the board is an ARM1 (VC2588 Autumn Acorn written on it). I don't know what the IC to the left is. The memory to the far left is 32 x Toshiba TC511000P-12 (1M x 1 Bit Dynamic RAM) giving 4Mb RAM. To the right at the top are 4 sockets (IC38-41) for the OS ROMs, these are missing). On the far right is an AMI 8640HCF mark Acorn Austria, I don't know what it is!