Acorn System 1 keyboard

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Acorn System 1 keyboard front

 Acorn System 1 keyboard and display (front)

Acorn System 1 keyboard back

 Acorn System 1 keyboard (back)

The Acorn System 1 keyboard Eurocard has a 32 key hexadecimal keyboard and a 9 digit 7 segment LED display (of which 8 digits are used). The rest of the card is a 300 baud cassette tape interface to enable data and programs to be stored and loaded. The part number is 200,001.

The System 1 keyboard Eurocard can be used in a System 2 to provide a cassette interface. It can be left connected by ribbon cable to the CPU card and mounted in a neighbouring slot in the System 2 chassis. Alternatively a Eurocard connector can be mounted on the card and then it can be installed in any free slot.