Technomatic "Time-Warp" Real-Time Clock Calender

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Technomatic Time-Warp top

 Technomatic Time-Warp (top)

Technomatic Time-Warp bottom

 Technomatic Time-Warp (bottom)

Technomatic Time-Warp open

 Technomatic Time-Warp with cover removed

Technomatic described the Time-Warp as "A low-cost compact unit that opens up the total range of Real-Time applications and adds a new dimension to the personal computer. Though built to exacting professional standards, it is at a price previously unattainable, and brings it within reach of all BBC Computer owners. With its full integral battery backup, possibilities include an Electronic Diary, continuous display of 'on-screen' time and date information, automatic document dating, precise timing and control in scientific applications, recreational use in games etc. - its uses are endless and simply limited by ones imagination. Simply plugs into the User Port - no ROMs needed." 

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