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Acorn Atom Disc Pack

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The Acorn Atom Disc pack is a stand-alone upgrade that connects directly to the 64-way Acorn Axpansion bus.

Manuals and documents

See Atom Computers  for Atom manuals.
Here is the Acorn Atom Disc Pack manual .

Atom Disc Pack

This is an expanded Atom with the Atom Disc pack. The expansion is an Acorn Atom with a Micro Electronic Systems Acorn Ram/ROM Kaart, fully expanded text and graphics memory. The Atom Disc Pack contains an Olivetti OPE FD501 5.25" single sided 92K floppy disc drive, power supply (which replaces the Atom power supply) and the Acorn floppy disc controller card  with an Intel 8271 controller. and an ATOM DOS ROM.

Here are some pictures:

 Acorn Atom with Disc pack

Acorn Atom with Atom Disc Pack

 Here is the Atom Disc Pack connected to an Atom which is connected to a monitor. If the picture was a bit clearer you could see the Acorn Atom prompt on the screen.

 Acorn Atom connection to Disc Pack

Acorn Atom connection to Disc Pack

The Atom takes its power from the Disc Pack via the black cable on the left. The white spot above the power cable is the power on light. The ribbon cable connects the Atom Expansion Bus to the Disc Pack.

 Acorn Atom open

Acorn Atom with case off

Acorn Atom, attached to Atom Disc Pack, upside down with the case bottom removed, showing:

 Acorn Atom motherboard

Acorn Atom motherboard

 The Acorn motherboard, with the Micro Electronic Systems RAM/ROM kaart removed, showing the expanded text memory. The motherboard part no. is 202,000 Issue 5.
A Hi-Res version of the picture is available HERE .

Atom disck pack front

 Acorn Atom Disc Pack (front)

 The Atom Disc Pack from the front showing the power out connector to the Atom with the white power on light above it and the 64-way Acorn Expansion Bus connection.

 Acorn Atom Disc Pack back

Acorn Atom Disc pack (back)

 Acorn Atom Disc pack open

Acorn Atom Disc pack open

On the left is the floppy disc drive, it is an Olivetti OPE FD501 40 track 92K disc drive. On the right is the power supply at the back and the floppy disc controller at the front. The floppy disc controller is attached to the Atom Expansion Bus. via the socket on the front of the case and the connecting ribbon cable.


Serial Numbern/a
Motherboard part No.202,000 Issue 5
CPU Clock1MHz
Add-in/UpgradesAtom Disc Pack