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BBC Master ET

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The Master ET is an Econet Terminal. It is missing most of the ports on a Master 128. It only has Econet, RGB and Comp Video ports at the back and no connectors underneath. Unlike the other Masters, the Master ET does not have any applications in ROM (i.e. View, ViewSheet, Edit and Terminal). These omissions reduced the cost of the Master ET to £399 (inc VAT).

Manuals and documentation

For documents for all Master computers see Master Computers .

Master ET

I had never heard of the Master ET until I saw one when collecting my Domesday System. So I bought it out of curiosity.
Here are some photographs:

Master ET & Cub monitor  

Master ET

 Master ET only has the MOS, BASIC and NFS ROMs. The DFS ROM the normal Master Applications are not included.

Master ET rear

 Master ET (rear)

The back of the Master ET showing that only the Econet, RGB and Comp Video sockets are present.

Master ET bottom

Master ET (bottom)

The bottom of the Master ET showing that all the interfaces are missing.

Master ET open

 Master ET open

Master ET with top cover off. The Econet card is in top right, but note the number of missing components on the motherboard.

Master ET motherboard  

Master ET motherboard

Master ET motherboard. In the top right is the Econet interface on its daughterboard. Note the missing interfaces along the back, apart from Econet, the only other interfaces are RGB and Comp Video. On the right hand side there is only 1 ROM in the sideways ROM sockets. Along the front all the interfaces are missing. Finally note the number of uninstalled components on the board.


Serial No.01-ADB12-0102936
Motherboard0243,000 Issue 1
CPU clock2MHz
Disc controllern/a
Disc Filing Systemn/a
OSMOS 4.00
Econet0243,020 issue 2