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Pocket Book

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Acorn launched the Pocket Book in 1992. The Pocket Book is an OEM version of the Psion 3. The main difference was in the built-in applications and, of course, the Acorn logos. The Pocket Book was designed for use in schools and can be linked to Acorn, Mac or Windows computers with special links and software that automatically converts common file formats. The Pocket Book can run Psion Series 3 software so there is a wealth of applications available.

Manuals and documents

See Pocket Books.

Pocket Book

Here are some pictures of the Acorn Pocket Book:

Acorn Pocket Book

 Pocket Book closed

Front view of the Acorn Pocket Book, It is a clam shell design with the top opening and hinged at the back.

Acorn Pocket Book open

 Pocket Book open

Acorn Pocket Book opened to show the screen and keyboard. The Pocket Book applications are visible on the screen . The Buttons in the middle are linked to and launch the application.

Pocket Book bottom

 Pocket Book (bottom)

The bottom of the Pocket Book with the speaker in the middle and the serial number below. On the right had side, but not visible, is a six pin connector for extenal cable (e.g. A-Link) and on the left, also not visible, is the connector for the mains adaptor.

Acorn Pocket Book showing SSDs

 Pocket Book showing SSDs

The Pocket Book with the covers for the 2 SSDs open showing the SCHEDULE application in the left hand drive and the SPELL application in the right hand drive. SCHEDULE is a calendar/organiser application and SPELL is a spelling checker/thesaurus.

Acorn Pocket Book User Guide

 Pocket Book User Guide


Serial No.73-AHB03-1017117
Launch date1992
CPU Clock4.7MHz
Power2 x AA batteries
Lithium cell backup
Expansion2 x SSD
Size165 x 85 x 22mm
Screen240 x 80 pixels
8 lines of 40 char