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Acorn J233 StrongARM Risc PC

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In September 1997 Acorn launched an upgraded StrongARM RiscPC with a 233MHz StrongARM CPU, RISC OS 3.71, more memory, a bigger hard disc and a CDROM. This was the last Acorn computer.

The StrongARM RiscPC J233 was launched at the same time, the only difference being the bundling of Acorn's Web browser (!Browse) and Java, which came installed on the hard disc. The software could be bought separately on the !Browse and Riscafe Update CDs.

The model was:

Documents and Manuals

Here is the Acorn promotional brochure for the J233 StrongARM Risc PC .

StrongARM RiscPC J233

I don't yet have a StrongARM RiscPC J233 [Wanted}.