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Atomwide RemoteFS

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Atomwide Remote FS

 Atomwide RemoteFS 

RemoteFS is a software and hardware package for the RISC OS operating system which allows files, directories or indeed whole filing systems on one Acorns RISC computer to be accessed from another Acorn RISC computer connected in one of several ways.
A computer running RemoteFS can be a "Client" (i.e. it imports/receives files), a "Server" (i.e. it exports/sends files), or both. Client machines can access those filing systems which have been made available from a Server machine. Multiple Clients can access the same Server, and many Servers can be running RemoteFS at once with in a single site if you use the "Network RemoteFS" package
At present, RemoteFS supports connections ("Transports") made using the following media:

This copy of RemoteFS is the 'Cabled RemoteFS' with a serial cable and the serial and parallel Transports on the disc. The parallel transport can only be used with computers having a "Bi-directional" parallel port (A5000, A3010, A3020, A4000 and A4).

Here is the Atomwide RemoteFS User Guide .

Here is an archive of the Atomwide RemoteFS disc .