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Oak Solutions ClassNet


Oak Solutions ClassNet

Oak Solutions developed ClassNet to address the slow speed of Econet networks with Archimedes applications. ClassNet uses standard Ethernet hardware with proprietry software. ClassNet uses standard Ethernet cabling with BNC connectors. A T-piece is fitted to the back of the ClassNet interface and the network cable is connected to the arms of the T. At each end of the network a terminator is plugged onto one side of the T-piece. A ClassNet network can be extended with off the shelf Ethernet repeaters and bridges. ClassNet does not require a clock. From the user's point of view ClassNet looks like Econet, Econet file servers, print spoolers and disc sharers can be used with ClassNet. Acorn's AUN software can be run on a ClassNet interface to gain access to other types of network and files ervers via an AUN gateway.

ClassNet Interfaces

Classnet software

Oak Solutions produced a Manager's disc with tools to manage a ClassNet.
Here is the Oak Solutions Class Manager's Disc (1993)  .