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ANT Ethernet 10baseT Mini-Podule


 ANT Ethernet 10baseT mini (top)

 ANT Ethernet 10baseT Mini-podule (top)

ANT Ethernet 10baseT mini (bottom) 

ANT Ethernet 10baseT Mini-podule (bottom)

 This is a mini podule designed for the A3000, A3010, A3020 or A4000. It is a relatively late model because on the 10BaseT is supported with the RJ45 socket. Most Ethernet mini-podules either support 10base2 with a BNC connector or support both 10Base2 and 10BaseT with both BNC and RJ45 sockets.

Installing an Ethernet mini podule normally requires a memory upgrade, preferable to 4MB because Acorn Internet v5, as supplied in the Acorn Univeral Boot, is much easier to configure than the older Internet v4. However, if you know what you are doing it is possible to produce a minimal version to run in 2 MB or even 1MB, but there may not be much memory left for applications.