J.G.Harston BBC IDE Controller

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The BBC IDE controller replaces the Acorn SCSI controllers and Winchester discs for BBC microcomputers. It can be used with almost any off-the-shelf IDE drive. it uses ADFS (or HADFS) which have been patched to support IDE. The controller is available as a kit or pre-assembled.

Where to buy

Full details, including how to buy, are on J.G.Harston's mdfs.net .


J G Harston BBC IDE Interface front

J.G.Harston BBC IDE controller (front)

J.G.Harston BBC IDE Controller back

J.G.Harston BBC IDE controller (back)


The controller connects to the 1MHz bus and only uses 2 ICs (74HCT02 & 74HCT139). All BBC filing systems use 8-bit sectors, so only half the actual drive space is useable without using specialised software.


See mdfs.net .