What's New 2005 Archive

[What's New] 

 30 December 2005: Added the A680 to the Unix section.

 19 December 2005: Added FastNC description and pictures. Added DeskLitedescription and pictures, possibly Acorns last reference design/prototype from 1998. Added Acorn publicity phots for Phoebe, Concord, Stork, Newspad & STB22.

6 November 2005: Amend RiscPC600 description because I have upgrade the machine, added APDL Turbo StrongARm, Castle EtherSCSI and Irlam Instruments RiscTV. Linked in HCCS !SCSIMgr and hivison digitiser on software page.

21 October 2005: Added, Acorn AKA15 Midid upgrade, Eesox fast sci2 card, ANT tshirt, Netproducts v34 modem, DesignIT EtherLan600, Morley cached SCSI, Morley ST506 interface& Acorn Access documentation.

16 October 2005: Added i3 EtherLan User Guide and some Acorn technical notes.  

15 October 2005: Added I3 EtherLan 500 and EtherLan600 plus i3 documentation & cardtype utility.

 9 October 2005: Added Deltronics Analog & user port podule, Lingenuity SCSI podule, ICS Whisper fan quietner, IFEL A300 backplane and RISC OS 3 ROM carrier, Simtec RISC OS 3 ROM carrier, Acorn AKA25 Ethernet podule

 2 October 2005: Added EMR MIDI 4, HCCS IDE I/F Bus, HCCS Vision, HCCS Ultimate A5000 and micro podules.

 1 October 2005: Added BE HD IDE interface, updated Cumana 16/32 bit sSCSI, added Cumana 5.25" floppy disc interface, EMR MIDI 4 interface.

 25 September 2005: Added Acorn Communicator and included some HiRes pictures.

16 September 2005: added Computer Concepts Laser Direct and Laser Direct Issue 2

 13 September 2005: Added Castle EuroIDE and CC Faxpack.

 12 September 2005: Shut the old ntlworld site and deleted from server, left redirect page. Added ANT NIC, Armadillo A448, CJE Micros A300 2/4MB upgrade. *** Site is 1 year old today***.

 11 Septerber 2005: Added, ACE MIDI, Acorn AEH70, Aleph1 ARM3s, PC Expansion cards, Simtec ARM3 FPA, and VRAM

 9 September 2005: Added Acorn ROM, Ethernet and MIDI podules.

8 September 2005: Added some more mouse mats, carrier bags and a keyfob to Ephemera

 6 September 2005: More Acorn CPUs, CJE AMD586 PCcard, another HCCS IDE card added.

 2 September 2005: A bit of restructuring of the pages and links.

 31 August 2005: Added Acorn A300, A410 440 680 & A5000 backplanes  and ART Toolkit. Also Acorn FPA support disc and installation instructions.

 28 August 2005: Added details of ARM610 'Spinner', Wild Vision ATM, HCCS HardCard & Vision Digitiser, IFEL A3000 4MB Upgrade, Simtec A3020 & A4000 2MB Extra RAM, Simtec A30x0 IDE Interface along with documentation and software.

25 August 2005: RiscPC prototype (ex Uniqueway) added.

 23 August 2005: Computer Concepts Colourcard documentation and software added.

 21 August 2005: HCCS Ide User Guide, Argo Zip Driver manual, ICS ideA Hard Disc Interface manual and various Acorn leaflets scanned and added to Documents.

 17 August 2005: Pocket Book pages linked and pictures etc added.

 8 August 2005: 2 SJResearch MDFS brochures added to Documents.

 5 July 2005: Morley User, MIDI Analogue interface, Acorn PAL TV Adaptor, EMR SMPTE Podule with documentation added. Also Acornsoft Rocketship badge.

 1 July 2005: Acorn ROM Podule Guide, I/O Podule Guide, Archimedes (Arthur) Welcome disc and RISC OS 2 Application discs 1 & 2, Support disc and Extras disc added.

 28June 2005: Some BBC updates:Opus DDOS and W2791 Disc Controller, andATPL Sidewise+ . Also Aleph1 486 PC Expansion card.

25 June 2005: Added more HCCS mini-podules, FocusIT IDE mini-podule, ICS ideA minipodules etc and some tidying up of the layout

 16 June 2005: Added Watford Electronics BBC User IO card, and Computer Concepts Mitsubishi MH216CG scanner.

 10 June 2005: Added some addition podule and memory cards: Aleph1 PC card for A4000/A30x0, Acorn ACA53 PCcard, Commotion MIDI, Analogue and Userport minipodule, Cumana A300 1MB upgrade and may be some more.

 5 June 2005: Added Castle 8bit SCSI interface, HCCS 1MB RAM, Clan tshirt(!) and Monsters badge. I have got an A680 to document but this will take some time to complete, in particular scanning the TRM ...

 27 May 2005: pictures of the Bush Internet Surf Set models added under Pace and the page tidied up.

 25 May 2005: A4 added, some reorganisation and better links for long pages, a bit or general tidying and renaming. Deleted all and reloaded yesterday to remove obsolete files from ISP.

 15 May 2005: RiscPC ACB25 with RISC OS 3.50 added

 10 May 2005: Xemplar Matrix NC added

 8 May 2005: Added NetStation details and pictures and Phoebe specification

 3 May 2005: Added pictures and details of the Stork

 24 April 2005: Various items added to the upgrade section.

 22 April 2005: Online Media STB2 added

19 April 2005: A5000 alpha version pictures added. Also Atomwide parallel SCSI adaptor with installation manual and support software.  

16 April 2005: Added Acorn MEU to the Upgrades and Expansions section and added more A5000 detail .

 13 April 2005: Added various upgrades from the A5000 and elsewhere.

12 April 2005: Added A5000 and photographs

 10th April 2005: Added some mug shots!

 3 April 2005: Acorn Application Notes upoaded, well as many as I can find to date!

30 March 2005: Add sections for Upgrades and expansions and added an initial list of suppliers and some of the existing upgrades installed in my computers.

 28 March 2005: Created framework for Acorn documents and software. Loaded some existing documents and the Oak SCSI manual.

 25 March 2005: A440 Service Manual Diagrams added to the A440 Service manual as a seperate download.

5 March 2005: A440 Service Manual added (under A440), PANOS Guide to Operations and BBC BASIC manuals added under Acorn Cambridge Workstation

 21 Feb 2005: added A4000 pictures and specifications

 6 Feb 2005: added A3020 pictured and corrected various typos.

 23 Jan 2005: added A3010 and pictures, some minor corrections.

 22 Jan 2005: added pictures of A3000

 10 Jan 2005: updated URL for Philip Banks Full Acorn Machine List

 4 Jan 2005: pictures of second A420/1 and A540 added.

 3 Jan 2005: A420/1 pictures added, RISC OS versions added.