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APDL A3IN V6B IDE Interface

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APDL A3IN V6B IDE Interface (top) 

APDL A3IN V6B without disc

 APDL A3IN V6B IDE Interface without disc drive

APDL A3IN V6B back

APDL A3IN V6B IDE Interface (back) 

APDL A3IN V6B bottom

APDL A3IN V6B IDE Interface (bottom) 

The APDL A3000 IDE Interface V6B is made by Baildon Electronics . Previous versions of this card were sold by ICS . The cards are suitable for Acorn A30x0 and A4000 computers.

The card has a 37pin D external connector for additional hard discs or CD-ROM drives. This card is fitted with a Quantum 514MB Daytona hard disc. The label on the card reads "A3IN V6B" and the serial number is 3v6-750-0086. The ROM label reads "(c) '91-8 BE, APDL IDEv6 IDEFS 3v23 CDFS 2.21/0.21"