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  APDL Turbo StrongARM 287MHz

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 APDL Turbo StrongARM 287MHz front

APDL Turbo StrongARM 287MHz (front) 

 APDL Turbo StrongARM 287MHz back

APDL Turbo StrongARM 287MHz (back) 

Probably the fastest CPU card for a RiscPC, The APDL Turbo StrongARM overclocks a standard StrongARM CPU and adds a cooling fan and heat sink. The red and black lead is to provide power for the cooling fan and comes with a splitter for the standard power cable, typically for the CDROM. I have it fitted into my RiscPC600 and it is benchmarked at 123.5% compared to a 233MHz StrongARM CPU.

Further details are available from the APDL web site here .