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  Acorn A410, 440, 680 Backplane

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 Acorn A410 A440 A680 Backplane front

Acorn A410, 440, 680 backplane (front) 

Acorn A410 A440 A680 Backplane 

Acorn A410, 440, 680 backplane (back) 

The ArchimedesA400/1 range was shipped with this podule backplane. It was also used in the A680 and R140 which ran RISCiX. The metal bar across the back secured the backplane to the computer's chassis.

The main difference between this backplan and the backplane on the earlier A440 was support for interrupt masking which allows interrupts from each podules to be set to a different priority. This improves performance and was needed for RISCiX