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  Acorn A5000 2MB RAM Upgrade

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 Acorn A5000 2MB RAM Upgrade (top)

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 Acorn A5000 2MB RAM Upgrade (bottom)

The A5000 was configured with 1MB or 2MB options, like all MEMC1a based computers it has a maximum omemory of 4MB per MEMC1a. Acorn produced this upgrade to increase the installed memory to the Maximum 4 MB on a 2MB system. I don't know if the card was produced as a 3MB upgrade, using the empty space on the board. But price lists I have only include a 2MB ALA20 upgrade. I am not sure if the ALA20 product code only applied to the Atomwide A5000 RAM Upgrade, or covered the Acorn card as well.

The RAM Upgrade was installed in the front left of the computer and pluged into the connector on the front left hand edge. It was unusual in that it lay flat above the motherboard and underneath the hard disc. The non-socket end was supported on plastic legs.