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  Acorn AKA05 ROM podule

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 Acorn AKA05 ROM podule top

 Acorn AKA05 ROM Podule (top)

 Acorn AKA05 ROM podule back

Acorn AKA05 ROM podule (back)

 Acorn AKA05 ROM podule bottom

 Acorn AKA05 ROM podule (bottom)

On of the first upgrades for the new Archimedes range was the AKA05 ROM podules. Not that this was really surprising given how popular ROM-based software was for the BBC. The ROM podule can take upto 5 ROM/EPROMs, the ROMs can be 16K, 32K, 64K or 128K. It can also hold up to 2 x 32K RAM with optional battery backup (not fitted to this example but the space is visible in the top right of the first picture.

The ROMs can be in native ARM code (for example Aconsoft released an Archimedes version of View and Computer Concpets released an Archimedes version of Wordwise Plus). Alternatively BBC ROMs can be used with the 6502 Emulator. ROM images can be loaded into RAM (if fitted).

The ROM Podule Guide  is available in the Document section.