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Acorn AKA32 SCSI podule

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Acorn AKA32 SCSI top 

Acorn AKA32 SCSI podule (top)

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI without internal terminator

Acorn AKA32 SCSI without internal terminator 

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI back

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI podule (back)

 Acorn AKA32 external terminator

Acorn AKA32 SCSI external terminator

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI bottom

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI podule (bottom)

Acorn AKA32 internal terminator bottom# 

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI internal terminator (bottom)

Acorn AKA32 SCSI internal terminator top 

 Acorn AKA32 SCSI internal terminator (top)

 This podule has a SCSI external interface, like the AKA31, with a large terminator block in place.
The circuit board says SCSI Podule MK III Issue 1.

Here is the Acorn SCSI Expansion Card User Guide .