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Acorn ART10 200MHz StrongARM CPU

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Acorn ART10 200MHz  StrongARM CPU front 

Acorn ART10 200MHz StrongARM CPU (front) 

 Acorn ART10 200MHz StrongARM CPU back

 Acorn ART10 200MHz StrongARM CPU (back)

This is an Acorn Risc Technologies (ART) StrongARM CPU for a RiscPC as supplied in the original StrongARM Upgrade packs and shipped in the first generation StrongARM RiscPCs. The CPU is made by Digital and clocked at 200 MHz. Later StrongARM CPUs were made by Intel after Digital sold its semiconductor business to Intel before the Compaq takeover.

The StrongARM 200MHz CPU gave a performance improvement of around 750% over the original RiscPC600 with a 30MHz ARM610 CPU.