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Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1)

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Acorn Archimedes Mouse Type 1 top

 Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1) (top)

Acorn Archimedes Mouse Type 1 bottom

Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1) (bottom) 

Acorn Archimedes mouse Type 1 uncased

 Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1) with top cover removed

Acorn Archimedes Mouse Type 1 insides

 Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1) (insides)

The Acorn Archimedes Mouse (Type 1) was supplied with the original Archemedes range (A300, A400 and A400/1). It is a 3 button mouse, which all Acorn computers used, and plugged into the top right hand side of the keyboard. The Acorn part number is 176,003. Note this mouse is almost identical to the AMX Mouse (Type 2).
The pictures show:

  1. The top of the mouse and the 3 buttons.
  2. The bottom of the mouse, the ball can be removed by undoing the screw in the middle so that the ball and rollers can be cleaned also visible are the 4 round plastic pads which the mouse slides on,
  3. The mouse with the cover removed showing the 3 switches at the top which detect when a button is pressed,
  4. The insides of the mouse showing the ball, the horizontal and vertical rollers atached to the perforated wheels, the sprung roller which maintains pressure on the ball, the 2 sets of sensors on the larger circuit board which detect the movement of the perforated wheels and the termination of the mouse cable.