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Computer Concepts Movie Magic

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The Computer Concepts Movie Magic MPEG card allow full screen, full motion MPEG videos to be played back at VHS quality or better, with CD quality stereo sound tracks. MPEG videos can be played from hard disk, MPEG compatible CDROM drives or over a fast network. Any Video CD format CD is suitable.

The Movie Magic boards are fully compatible with Acorn's Replay system, so that applications (such as Impression, Genesis and Magpie) which can display Replay movies can also display the better quality MPEG movies. The Movie Magic software offers the usual video type controls - for example pause, fast forward, rewind and the ability to capture any frame into the computer as a 24-bit full-colour sprite.

The Movie Magic card was designed by Wild Vision and sold by Computer Concepts who produced the software and manual.

The Movie Magic card has a SCART socket suitable for connect to a separate RGB monitor ot TV capable of 50MHz PAL modes.


Here is the Computer Concepts Movie Magic User Guide.
Here is the Computer Concepts Registration card , although I don't think there is much point in registering now!


Here is an archive of the Computer Concepts Movie Magic  software.

Computer Concepts Movie Magic (1)

I bought this card as a Movie Magic card complete with manuals and instructions.

When I bought this Movie Magic card it came with a CD-i Digital Video version of "A Fish Called Wanda" on 2 CDs

Computer Concepts Movie Magic top

Computer Concepts Movie Magic (top) 

Computer Concepts Movie magic back

 Computer Concepts Movie Magic (back)

Computer Concepts Movie Magic bottom

 Computer Concepts Movie Magic (bottom)

Wild Vision Movie Magic (2)

This Movie Magic card is installed in an Online Media Set Top Box STB1. Both cards are the same Issue 2.1 but the ROM software differs.

Wild Vision Movie Magic top

Wild Vision Movie Magic (top) 

The Movie Magic ard has a daughterboard which supports a second SCART socket on the STB1. The ROM software title is "online media STB10P EPROM Trial 4".

Wild Vision Movie Magic card without daughterboard

 Wild Vision Movie Magic without daughterboard 

The daughterboard is supported on 4 8-pin plugs on the Movie Magic card.

Wild Vision Movie Magic back

Wild Vision Movie Magic (back) 

Wild Vision Movie Magic bottom

 Wild Vision Movie Magic (bottom)

Wild Vision Movie Magic daughterboard top

 Wild Vision Movie magic daughterboard (top)

Wild Vision Movie Magic daughterboard bottom

 Wild Vision Movie Magic daughterboard (bottom)