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  CJE Micros A300 2/4MB Upgrade

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CJE Micros A300 2/4MB Upgrade (bottom) 

CJE Micros A300 2/4MB upgrade (bottom) 

 CJE Micro A300 2/4 MB Upgrade top

CJE Micro A300 2/4MB Upgrade (top) 

This upgrade for the A300 range is installed upside down with the extended pins in the second row of the top picture plugging into the RAM sockets on the A300 motherboard. The board can just be an upgrade to 2MB or by populating the sockets in the bottom 2 half rows be extended to 4MB. There is a switch in the gap between the 3 and 4 set of extended pins in the second row.

I have no installation instructions for this upgrade.