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  Calligraph ArcLaser

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 Calligraph ArcLaser top

 Calligraph ArcLaser (top)

 Calligraph ArcLaser back

 Calligra[h ArcLaser (back)

 Calligraph ArcLaser printer board

Calligraph ArcLaser printer board 

Calligraph ArcLaser base board 

 Calligraph ArcLaser base board

 Calligraph ArcLaser bottom

Calligraph ArcLaser (bottom)

Calligraph's direct video ArcLaser printer typically producess laser quality text and graphics pages in 20 to 45 seconds. It is compatible with all Archimedes applications and all models of Achimedes computers with more that 1MB.It can be used as a network printer over Econet or Ethernet. I do not have the Qume Crystalprint Laser to go with the card.