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Clares Aramadeus Sampler Board

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Clares Armadeus Sampler Board top

 Clares Armadeus Sampler Board (top)

Clares Armadeus Sampler Board back

Clares Armadeus Sampler Board (back) 

Clares Armadeus Sampler Board bottom

 Clares Armadeus Sampler Board (bottom)

The Clares Armadeus Sampler Board is designed to work with the Armadeus software sampling package, but is (maybe?) supported by some other software. It is a high quality 8 bit mono sampler. The board has facilities for bothe Microphone and Line inputs. Line input allows the sampler to accept input from tape players, CD players and amplifiers. The Line Out allows you to output the sound direct to an external amplifier. This bypasses the Archimedes filtering and produces a clear sound which most people think is a 16 bit sampler.

The Armadeus Sampler Board as designed by Wild Vision. Thies is an Issue 1.0 board from 1989 with Sound Sampler Issue 0.20 ROM.