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Commotion User Analogue mini-podule

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 Commotion User Analogue top

 Commotion User Analogue mini-podule (top)

 Commotion User Analogue back

  Commotion User Analogue mini-podule (back)

 Commotion User Analogue bottom

  Commotion User Analogue mini-podule (bottom)

This is an interesting User and Analogue port interface card because the card is clearly and HCCS card with the HCCS labels on (see top picture), but the backplate clearly says Commotion (see middle picture). I don't know the explanation, but possible answers is that HHC sold the cards to Commotion or Commotion bought up HCCS stock when HCCS stopped trading. If you know the answer tell me.