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  Cumana 8 bit SCSI Interface

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Cuman 8 bit SCSI IF top 

 Cumana 8 bit SCSI Interface (top)

Cumana 8 bit SCSI IF back 

 Cumana 8 bit SCSI Interface (back)

 Cumana 8 bit SCSI IF bottom

 Cumana 8 bit SCSI Interface (bottom)

The Cumana 8 bit SCSI interface is designed for the A30x0 and A4000 range of computers. It has an external 25 pin D connector and no interanl connector.

I have no documentation for this mini-podule.
The Cumana SCSI Manager  software supports this mini podule.

Here is the Cumana CD-ROM Drive & SCSI Interfaces  manual.