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Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc

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Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc top

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc (top) 

This picture shows the Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc, both the disc drive and the SCSI podule are house in an external podule case.

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc back

 Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc (back) 

This picture shows the back of the Cumana SCSI disc with a 25 pin D SCSI socket to daisy chain other SCSI devices.

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc right

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc (right)  

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc front

 Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc (front) 

This picture of the front of the Cumana SCSI Disc shows the podule connector which plugs into the A3000 external podule expansion. The tongue fits into a grove underneath the A3000 and the flap with two holes is for the retaining screwws which firmly fix the podule case to the A3000.

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc bottom

 Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc (bottom) 

This picture shows the Cumana model and serial number. The Model number is CAA 740.

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc open

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc with top cover removed 

This picture shows the Quantum 42MB SCSI 2.5" Go Drive connected to the SCSI podule underneath.

Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc with disc removed

 Cumana A3000 SCSI Disc with disc removed 

Cumana A3000 SCSI podule

 Cumana A3000 SCSI podule

This picture shows the Cumana CA006/7 16 bit SCSI Interface in the podule expansion case.

The Cumana CAA740 A3000 SCSI Disc is a Cumana 16bit SCSI interface  and a Quantum 42MB 2.5" SCSI Go Drive disc in a podule expansion case. The podule uses a Nat Semi DP8490N Enhanced Asychronous SCSI controller and the ROM is labelled "Cumana SCSIFS/CDFS v2.10"

 The Cumana SCSI utilities disc contains the !SCSIMgr and other data and is available on disc CLD001 , this supports version 2.21 of CDFS as well.

Here is the Cumana CD-ROM Drives & SCSI Interfaces  manual.