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  Morley Teletext Adapter

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Morley Teletext Adapter front 

 Morley Teletext Adapter (front)

 Morley Teletext Adapter back

Morley Teletext Adapter (back)

 Morley Teletext Adapter circuit board top

 Morley Teletext Adapter circuit board (top)

 Morley Teletext Adapter circuit board bottom

 Morley Teletext Adapter circuit board (bottom)

The Morley Teletext Adapter was originally designed for use with the BBC Micro or Master with a ribbon cable that connected to the BBC User port and a power connecter that plugged into the BBC's 6 pin disc power connector. When used with a BBC Micro or master, the Teletext Filing System (TFS) or Advanced Teletext Filing System (ATS) ROM had to be installed in a sideway ROM socket.

This example has been modified with a podule connector attached to the end of the ribbon cable so that it can be used this an Archimedes or later Acorn computer. It uses the IIC bus for communication and requires a suitable Application (e.g. Octopus !Teletext+ or Richard Murray's !Teletext.)