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Wild Vision ATM Network Card

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Wild Vision ATM NIC top

Wild Vision ATM Network Card (top) 

Wild Vision ATM NIC back

  Wild Vision ATM Network card (back)

Wild Vision ATM NIC bottom

 Wild Vision ATM Network card (bottom)

ATM (or Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a network protocol, like Ethernet, which was popular in the early 1990s particularly for WAN links. However it has lost out to improved Ethernet versions, (e.g. fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet) and is little used today.

This ATM card, designed by Wild Vision, fits in the RiscPC (and A7000) Network slot. It is used in the Online Media STB1 which was produced by Acorn for Video On Demand trials with Cambridge Cable (now part of Virgin Media) in the mid 1990s. In these trials the connection to the premise used ATM over the cable network to connect the STB1 to the video servers..