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Acorn 2MHz 6502A CPU

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Acorn 2MHz 6502 CPU front

Acorn 2MHz 6502A CPU (front) 

Acorn 2MHz 6502 CPU back

Acorn 2MHz 6502A CPU (back) 

This 6502A CPU comes from an Acorn System 5. The board appears to be a very early one with lots ofwire patches. The CPU (second IC from left) is a Synertek SY6502B which according an internet search is a 3MHz CPU. The first IC on left is a 6522A which handles the keyboard interface which is next to it. The ROM which has a white label which says "SYS 5F Iss 1.00" is an MBM2764 8K erable ROM. The IC to the right of the ROM is a HM6116P-3 2K Static RAM. The crystal at the bottom of the card is 24MHz.