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  ANB22 BBC Econet Upgrade

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Acorn ANB22 BBC Econet Upgrade 

 Acorn ANB22 BBC Econet Upgrade

 Acorn ANB22 Econet Upgrade manuals

ANB22 BBC Econet Upgrade manuals

 Acorn ANB22 BBC Econet upgrade parts

ANB22 BBC Econet Upgrade parts

The BBC Micro motherboard, all issues, has an unpopulated bit on the motherboard in the back left (looking from the front) where the Econet interface is installed. This is the upgrade pack, the one I have comes in a padded bag (top picture). In the bag contains the Econet level 1 File server User Guide, the Econet Level 2 File Server User Guide and the Aconet Advanced User Guide (middle picture). The upgrade itself consists of a packet of resistors, some ICs, a socket and the cable (bottom picture). Some soldering skill is required to install it!