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Acorn FileStore E01S

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 Acorn Filestore E01S front

Acorn FileStore E01S (front)

 Acorsn Filestore E01S without flap

Acorn FileStore E01S without front flap

 Acorn Filestore E01S back

Acorn FileStore E01S (back)

 Acorn Filestore E01S bottom

Acorn FileStore E01S (bottom)

 Acorn Filestore E01S with top off

Acorn FileStore E01S with cover off and floppy disc drives removed

 Acorn Filestore E01S without econet module

Acorn FileStore E01S without cover and Econet Module

 Acorn Filestore Econet module

Acorn ADF10 Econet Module from FileStore E01S

The FileStore E01S was Acorns second generation Filestore replacing the FileStore E01. The FileStore is a dedicated Econet fileserver, it does not support a keyboard and monitor, instead you use anEconet attached station to logon and perform administrative tasks.