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Acorn JP101 printer

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Acorn JP101 printer cover

 Acorn JP101 printer cover

Acorn JP101 printer top

 Acorn JP101 printer (top)

Acorn JP101 printer open

 Acorn JP101 printer open

Acorn JP101 printer front

Acorn JP101 printer (front) 

Acorn JP101 printer right

 Acorn JP101 printer (right)

Acorn JP101 printer back

 Acorn JP101 printer (back)

The Acorn JP101 "spark ink jet" printer was an Acorn badged Olivett i printer. The printer was designed as a personal computer and hard copy printer. It is a serial matrix printer and is bidirectional. It can print can be normal, double height, double width and underlined. The printer can handle either fanfold paper or paper rolls.

The printer includes:

The printer has a parallel interface and an optional serial (RS232C) interface, which I don't have.

Here is the Acorn Application Note 2 Using the Olivetti JP101 Printer (General Information) .