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  Acorn Large 32016 2nd Processor

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 Acorn Large 32016 2nd processor top

 Acorn Large 32016 2nd processor (top)

 Acorn large 32016 2nd processor bottom

 Acorn Large 32016 2nd processor (bottom)

This is the Acorn National Semiconductor 32016 2nd processor, the "Large" refers to the memory size which is 4 MB. The card almost certainly comes from an Acorn Cambridge Workstation , as it would not fit into the standard Acorn "cheese wedge" box.

In the top picture, the CPU is in the top right hand corner with an empty socket for a floating point co-processor next to it. The processor and other gold labled chips are missing their heat sinks. The socket with the Ferranti ULA next to it is the Tube connector to connect to a BBC micro. most of the rest of the board is taken up with memory chips.
Here is a HiRes picture of the Acorn Large 32016 2nd processor .