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Aries B12 Sideways ROM Expansion

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Aries B12 Sideways ROM Expansion top

 Aries B12 Sideways ROM Board (top)

The Aries B12 Sideways ROM Board has 12 sockets for Sideways ROMs (marked 1 to 12 on the circuit board) and 2 sockets for sideways RAM (on the left end marked 0L and 0H). The sideways RAM sockets can have 1 or 2 x 6264 8K static RAM installed. The board is fixed to the top of the BBC microcomputer by self adhesive feet and connected to the motherboard with a ribbon cable.

Aries B12 Sideways ROM Expansion bottom

 Aries B12 Sideways ROM Board (bottom) 

Aries B12 Adaptor Board bottom

Aries B12 Adaptor Board (bottom) 

The Aries B12 Adaptor Board is only required if you do not have an Aries B20 20K RAM expansion  board fitted. The 6502 CPU is removed from the BBC motherboard and inserted in the adaptor board (it is already inserted on this board). The plug on the Adaptor board is inserted in the BBC microcomputers 6502 socket.

Aries B12 Adaptor Board top

 Aries B12 Adaptor Board (top) 

Aries B12 Base Board top

Aries B12 Base Board (top) 

The Aries B12 Base board replaces any sideways ROM on the BBC microcomputers motherboard, which then can be inserted into the Sideways ROM board. The broad grey ribbon cable connects to the Sideways ROM board and the smaller 5 way cable connects to the Adaptor board.

Aries B12 Base Board bottom

Aries B12 Base Board (bottom)  

The Aries B12 Sideways ROM expansion expands the BBC microcomputer from 4 Sideways ROM sockets on the motherboard to 12 Sideways ROM sockets and up to 16K of sideways RAM.

Here is the Aries B12 manual .