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Aries B32 RAM Expansion

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 Aries B32 RAM Expansion (top)

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 Aries B32 RAM Expansion (bottom)

The Aries B32 RAM Expansion has 32K RAM and a sideways ROM socket. The 32K RAM can be used as:

The sideways ROM socket on the Aries B32 is used to contain the Aries B32 ROM,

The BBC micro used up to 20K of its memory for the screen display reducing the memory available for programs and data to 6K. Shadow RAM is used to replace the memory used for video memory allowing programs and data 26K of memory in all screen modes.

The BBC Micro maps a 16K memory bank as sideways ROM, up to 16 x 16K banks are mapped "sideways" from each other in the 6502's address space. Only 1 bank can be active at a time. Sideway RAM extends sideways ROM by allowing one or more banks of RAM to be mapped in place of sideways ROM. Sideways RAM allows ROM images to be loaded from disc overcoming the limitation of 16 sideways ROM banks.

The Aries B32 is installed by removing the BBC Microp's 6502 CPU and plugging the B32 board into the empty socket. The 6502 is installed in the empty socket on the B32.

Here is the Aries B32 32K RAM Expansion  manual.