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Care Electronics ROM Module System

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Care ROM modules

 Care Electronics ROM Modules

Care ROM Module

Care Electronics ROM Module 

Care ROM Module open

Care Electronics ROM Module open 

Care ROM Module fitting

 Care ROM Module Socket fitting

The Care Electronics ROM Module System for the BBC micro consists of a socket, which fits in the cartridge slot on the left of the keyboard, and is connected by a ribbon cable to a sideways ROM socket on the BBC Micro's circuit board. The BBC ROMs are installed in modules instead of the sideways ROM sockets on the BBC micro's circuit board. A module is fitted into the socket when required and can be removed after use. This allows an unlimited number of ROMs to be used without having to remove to top of the BBC micro's case, it also protects the fragile legs of the ROMs which can easily be damaged if frequently inserted and removed in a ROM socket. ROM modules can be stored in strips of 6 when not in use.

The Care Electronics ROM Module system is very similar to the Viglen ROM Cartridge System and I think the cartridges/modules are interchangeable. I am not sure that the socket and connector shown above are from the Care Module System as it appear to be identical the the Viglen model. Also an advertisement for the Care ROM Module System in Acorn User No. 29 shows the Care Low Profile ROM Module System with the ROM Module plugged into a socket parallel to and to the left of the BBC Micro's case, unlike the Viglen cartridges which plug in vertically.

I have no documentation for the Care Electronics ROM Module System.