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Cheetah Sweet Talker

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Cheetah Sweet Talker box

 Cheetah Sweet Talker box

Cheetah Sweet Talker open box

 Cheetah Sweet Talker open box

Cheetah Sweet Talker bottom

 Cheetah Sweet talker (bottom)

Cheetah Sweet Talker top

 Cheetah Sweet Talker (top)

The Cheetah Marketing Sweet Talker is an alternative to the Acorn Speech Upgrade. It is plugged into IC99 (TI speech syntheser) on the BBC Micro circuit board. It use the SPO256A-AL2 chip which is a speech processer with all 59 phoneme in the English language and 5 pauses. Each of the Phonemes is individually addressable. The demonstation tape contails example programs.

In May 1985 Acorn User published a review titled "Cheetah Sweet Talker ".

Here are the Cheetah Sweet Talker Instructions