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PRES Advanced Plus 3

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 PRES Advanced Plus 3 front

PRES Advanced Plus 3 (front)

 PRES Advanced Plus 3 back

 PRES Advanced Plus 3 (back)

 PRES Advanced Plus 3 open

 PRES Advanced Plus 3 open

The PRES Advanced Plus 3 is an alternative to the Acorn Plus 3. The PRES AP3 allows 3.5" or 5.25" disc drives to be connected to the Electron. The discs are controlled by the Advanced Disc Filing System (ADFS). The AP3 can only be used with an Electron fitted with the Plus 1 interface becuase the AP3 plugs into the rear cartridge slot. The AP3 uses a WD1770 disc controller.
This AP3 is also fitted with Sloggers T2P3 (Tape to Plus3) ROM which allows programs on tape to be copied to and run from disc.

Here is the PRES Advanced Plus 3 Guide.
Here is the PRES ADFS User Guide .