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RetroClinic External Dual Removable CF Hard Drive

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RetroClinic External CF Drive box

RetroClinic External Dual Removable CF Hard Drive Kit box 

RetroClinic External CF Drive kit contents

 RetroClinic External Dual Removable CF Hard Drive Kit contents

From the left, the Kit contains:

Retorclinic External CF drive unpacked

RetroClinic External Dual Removable CF Hard Drive Kit unpacked 

This picture shows the CF drive and ribbon cable which connects the the 1MHz bus, the power supply and the ROMs

RetroClinic External CF drive installed in Master

RetroClinic External Dual Removeable CF Hard Drive installed in a Master 

The CF drive has a 16Mbyte CF card in it and is attached to the Masters 1 MHz bus. On the right the RFS HDINIT CF_FORM ROM is installed in a Care Electronics Master ROM cartridge. I keep it in a cartridge because it is only needed when a new CF card is formatted. On the screen you can see the contents of the CF drive (copied from the 5¼" floppy disc and the output from *FREE showing 7+ MB free space. Because the interface is 8 bits wide it can only use half the capacity of the CF card. The CF drive can take 2 CF cards as drives 0/1 and 2/3.

I am planning to use the CF drive with a 1GB CF card to back up all my BBC era floppy discs.

Futher details can be found on the RetroClinic web site under BBC Model B, B+ and Master 128 - External Dual Removeable Compact Flash Hard Drive Kit