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Solidisk SWR256

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Solidisk SWR256 top

Solidisk SWR256 (top) 

The Solidisk SWR256 is a RAM/ROM board for the BBC microcomputer. The board can take 4 sideways ROMs (anything from 8k to 64K chips) and has 256K RAM (8 x HM50256P-12). The board fits into the BBC Microcomputer's 6502 socket and the 6502 is relocated onto the SWR256 board.

The Solidisk SWR256 is also a component of the Solidisk Office System, which bundled a printer, disc drive, DFS, Wordwise Plus ROM and SWR256, and was designed to compete with th Amstrad PCW8256.

Here is an advertisement for the Solidisk Office System and SWR256  from Acorn User (Dec 1985).