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Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer

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WE 256K Printer Buffer front

 Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer (front) 

WE 256K Printer Buffer back

 Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer (back) 

WE 256K Printer Buffer bottom

 Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer (bottom) 

WE 256K Printer Buffer open

 Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer with case top removed

Watford Electronics advertisments described the 256K Printer Buffer: "This new Megabuffer 256 from Watford is a full featured 256K Printer Buffer. It allows the computer to print 256,000 characters in a short time thus freeing the computer very quickly. In short it makes light work of printing large documents, screen dumps, etc. It is extremely simple to connect."

The Megabuffer 256 has a number of modes, selectable from the switch on the front panel. The modes are:

It also has status lights on the right and Clear and Pause/copy buttons on the right. The computer's Centronics parallel port is connected to the left hand port on the back and a Centronics parallel computer connected to the right hand port. A 9-12V DC power supply is also connected at the back. The Megabuffer 256 can be connected to any computer (BBC Micro, IBM PC etc) with a Centronics parallel port.

The Megabufffer 256 has a Rockwell R6511Q/R1700-16 computer on a chip processor and 8 x 41256 RAM chips.

I have no documentation for the Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer.