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About Me


There's not really a lot I want to say about myself.
I have been married twice and divorced once. I have no children, but do have adult step children and step grandchildren (an easier and cheaper way to acquire grandchildren than growing your own).
My wife Cat who died 5th January 2007 after 15 years with increasingly severe rheumatoid arthritis. IN MEMORIAM
I have worked in IT since 1974, usually in technical support or management of large datacenters. But along the way fell in love with a BBC Micro, and have used Acorn (now RISC OS) computers at home.
Most of my adult life I have shared my home with one or more cats (here are some pictures).
I drive a red Lotus Elan S2  for business and pleasure.

If you have want contact me by email, mail to:
acorn email address