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Castle A7000+ Odyssey

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After Acorn pulled out of the desktop computer market in 1998, Castle acquired the rights to the A7000 and continued manufacturing it under the Acorn Badge.

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A7000+ Odyssey

This is one of the post Acorn A7000+s made by Castle, the CTLnnnnnnn serial number is a bit of a giveaway! I bought this computer from IFEL in August 2002. and upgraded it with an extra 64MB. It is the only one I have that run RISC OS 3.71. It has a 56MHz ARM7500FE and is comparable to the Microdigital Mico and RiscStation R7500. Although it does not have the expansion potential of either the Mico or R7500, it does not lose out as virtually no upgrades/add-ins have been produced for those computers.
Here are some pictures:

Castel A7000+ Odyssey

Castle A7000+ Odyssey

Castle A7000+ Odyssey running RISC OS 3.71

Castle A7000+ Odyssey open

Castle A7000+ Odyssey with the top off.

 Castle A7000+ Odyssey with the top off, not much room in there with the CDROM drive installed.

Castle A7000+ Odyssey motherboard

Castle A7000+ Odyssey motherboard.

 Castle A7000+ Odyssey motherboard showing, in the midddle at the top, an 1-cubed EtherLAN 602 network card. The backplane slot can be seen at the bottom right but it is unuseable with the CRDOM installed. The 64MB SIMM is visible in the bottom left.

Serial No.CTL0200539
Unique Identity0000005CFA15C
Motherboard Serial No.CTL01002083
CPU Clock56MHz
Memory72MB (64MB + 16MB EDO SIMM)
Floppy DiscCitizen OSD-U 3.5"
Disc ControllerIDE
Hard DiscConner CFS210A 210MB
Network cardi-cubed EtherLAN 602
Network driverEtherH
OSRISC OS 3.71 19-Feb-1997
SICK v1.22
800x600x256 75MHz
ARMSi v3.31H