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Element 14

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Element 14 was formed in July 1999 after a buyout of Acorn's Digital TV division. It was named Element 14 because the 14th element is Silicon which is the basic of Digital technologies. Element 14 included Acorn's Set Top Box designs, developmentof silicon and software Intelectual Property for Digital Tv and multimedia and Acorn branded workstations including RISC OS. In October 2000 Element 14 was sold to Broadcom, Pace bought the Set Top Box designs and RISC OS from Broadcom.

Manuals and documents

Press Release: Acorn and Element 14 - Questions and Answers .


acTiVe 3875

The acTiVe 3875 is a Set Top Box produced by Element 14.
Here are further deails and pictures of the acTiVe 3875