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IMS/Interconnex Peanut

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In 1998 Innovative Media Solutions (IMS), a small company based in Somerset, announced that it was collaborating with Interconnex UK Ltd to build a RISC OS laptop using technology licensed from Acorn. The laptop was called project Peanut. The computer was demonstrated at the 1998 Wakefield RISC OS Show in May 1998. The system was based on the ARM7500FE CPU and would run RISC OS 3.71.

Unfortunately Acorn closed their workstation division in September 1998 and cancelled the Risc PC2 (Phoebe), Interconnex took over IMS in Nov 1998 and in April 1999 the Peanut died when the Interconnex web site said that "Due to increasing difficulties obtaining the necessary components, and the reduction in the size of the potential market, we have regretfully had to halt development of this product".

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Here are some pictures of the Peanut:

IMS Peanut at 1998 Wakefield RISC OS show

 Peanut at 1998 Wakefield PISC OS show

IMS Peanut

Peanut from Arcade BBS 

IMS Peanut

Peanut form Arcade BBC 

Specifi cation:

From Spidersoft News :

Storage2GB Hard Disk
 20 speed CD ROM
 3.5" 2Mb Floppy Disk Drive
Display12.1" TFT Screen
 800x 600 in 256 colours
Memory4Mb page mode RAM
 16Mb or 32Mb EDO RAM
 240b battery backed CMOS RAM
 Unique ID Chip
Data Input88 key keyboard
 Touch sensitive 2 button Glidepoint mouse
SoftwareRISC OS 3.71
 Internal battery management
ConnectorsParallel port
 Serial port
 VGA output
 External keyboard and mouse
 Headphones (3.5mm jack)
AudioCD Quality 16 bit sound
 CD Audio
Dimensions297mm x 236mm x 47mm
Power supplyExternal mains transformer
 NiMH battery
Price£1,500 (approx)