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MicroDigital Mico

[MicroDigital]     [After Acorn]


The MicroDigital Mico has a 56MHz ARM7500FE CPU, 16MB RAM and a 6.4GB Hard disc. It had 1 parallel and 2 serial ports, joystick/MIDI port, sound sampler ports and 3 internal Microbus and 2 ISA expansion slots. It could optionally be fitted with a CD-ROM and an internal modem. A "Lightning" graphics card could be fitted to give 1600x1200 in 24 million colours. It ran a version of RISC OS 4.03 configured for the Mico. The Mico was available in desktop or mini-tower configuration.

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The Microdigital Mico was designed in the post-Acorn world and launched in 1999. It was based on the ARM 7500 chip and a Microdigital designed motherboard. It is very similar to the RiscStation R7500 (apart from the motherboard). I bought my Mico from APDL in June 2004. It was a special offer, ex-demo, system.
Here are some photographs:

Microdigital Mico

MicroDigital Mico running RISC OS 4.03

Mircodigital Mico open

MicroDigital Mico with the top off

Microdigital Mico motherboard

MicroDigital Mico Motherboard

Note the 3 Microbus connectors, 2x32MB RAM on right and ISA sound card on left. RISC OS is in flash memory.


Serial No.n/a
Unique Identity0000047443FB4
MotherboardMicroDigital Mico issue1
Motherboard Serial No.Mic-007-0049
CPU Clock56MHz
Memory64MB (2 x 32 B EDO SIMM)
Floppy DiscSamsung SFD321B
Disc ControllerBaildon Electronics IDE
Hard DiscQuantum Fireball Plus 18.2GB
CDROMFujitsu Seimens CDD4911/36 CDRW 
Network drivern/a
OSRISC OS 4.03 9-Nov-1999
SICK v1.22
800x600 60MHz
ARMSi v4.0