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Net Products

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Net Products was set up in 1996 by Hermann Hauser to produce an OEM version of the Acorn NetStation NC for NetChannel. NetChannel was the UK subsiduary of a US company planning to offer Internet acces on the TV via a Set Top Box and telephone line.

Since the NetProducts NetStation was designed for use with NetChannel which was closed down by NTL (now VirginMedia) some time ago, I suspect that this information is of purely historic value.

Manuals and documents

Here is the NetStation QuickStart Guide.
Here is the NetStation Users Guide .



Here are some pictures of the NetProducts NetStation:

NetProducts NetStation box

 NetProducts NetStation box

 NetProducts NetStation  box open

 NetProducts NetStation box open 

Netproducts NetStation inital screen

 NetProducts NetStation initial screen 

NetProducts NetStation admin version screen

Netproducts NetStation Administration Versions screen 

This is the Administration Version screen showing the versions of the NC software. Note the smart card inserted i the front of the NetStation.

NetProducts Netstation front

 NetProducts NetStation (front)

NetProducts NetStation back

 Netproducts NetStation (back)

The back of the NetStation showing the modem on the left, and from left to right the printer port, the PS/2 mouse and keybaord ports, the Audio L&R out, mic and TV/video out, the VGA monitor port and the power in.

Netproducts NetStation bottom

NetProducts NetStation (bottom) 

Netproducts NetStation open

Netproducts NetStation with top cover removed 

You can see the Modem on the right, the SmartCard reader in the middle front, the 8MB EDO DIMM in the middle, the large square ARM7500FE CPU on the left middle with the 2 NC OS 1.06 ROMs below. Along the back you can see the I/O ports

NetProducts NetStation remote control

Netproducts NetStation RC1 remote control



Serial No.NS1-MUKP48E-000146-A1A2
Unique identityn/a
MotherboardNC 1 Main Board
Reference Design
Motherboard part no.2103,000 Issue 1
CPU Clock40MHz
Memory ControllerARM7500 (IOMD)
Memory Clock16MHz
Video ControllerARM7500 (VIDC20)
NICAcorn V34 modem rev 1
OS Date8-Nov-96